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Here are current Google Reviews by some of  our clients :

Mr. Andrey Stanev has been my ballroom coach/instructor for five years. Thanks in part to him and his attitude toward the importance of dancing and working toward achieving the goal of near-perfection, ballroom dancing has taken on an important role in my life: learning to dance better, look better, and feel better about how I present myself is all part of a life outside of the professional one that I have. And, my husband adores being one of the observers when I compete at ballroom dance competitions with Andrey, or perform a local all-for-fun Showcase with him.

 -Phyllis Read

Andrey is great. Besides being an exceptional dancer, he was able to quickly clue in to my personality and tailor his teaching to my style. He put me at ease immediately and makes sure I have fun while I’m learning.

 –Mery Clark

I walked in to face my fear – to learn to do what that I’d always wanted to do but had been too afraid to try. DANCE. All my life – and I’m not a kid – my successes were a result of making my own rules. So here I was – facing a quiet, confident man who patiently listened as I explained that I couldn’t follow rules, I was terrified of making mistakes, and was somewhat less than coordinated. (I think I used the word “klutz”.) I told him that although I was probably “unteachable”, I was determined to learn to dance. Andrey Stanev simply smiled and said, “Ms. Barker, may I have this dance?” And danced we have. Andrey has boundless patience and the unique ability to tailor his instructions in ways that I can understand. But what may be best of all – he is, I’m sure, as happy as I am when I succeed. Andrey has achieved the impossible. I can Dance. I feel beautiful and accomplished. I feel like Miss America.

 –Rebecca Barker

Andrey and I have been dancing together for three years now and I still remember the first time I ever saw him dance; I was watching a showcase and was in an absolute awe at Andreys spirit and positively infectious energy on the dance floor. I sat on the edge of my seat the whole evening- watching Andrey with his students inspired me beyond my already passionate feelings towards ballroom dancing and made me a student of his for hopefully many years to come. Andrey has helped me transform that passion from a social dancing background into becoming the best dancer I can possibly be. He is very professional and has great boundaries, but at the same time he manages to make it so much fun that I’m sometimes in tears from laughing. In my opinion, the sign of a great teacher is that you feel safe enough to have those feelings of pure, childlike joy and also frustration and disappointment through the lessons. I’m very grateful for having Andrey as a teacher, who is constantly asking me to grow and be better- such a lesson on the dance floor and in life is priceless.

 –Anna Shea