In addition to our New York City location, we offer private ballroom dance classes in Hawthorne NY with professional Dance Instructor Andrey Stanev.

Andrey promises STRESS-FREE lessons for people of all ages, abilities, nationalities, and cultures. He brings humor, respect, and innovative teaching techniques to put students at ease. He is generous with positive encouragement so students can be excited about their progress.

Each lesson begins with instructions in the basic steps, then basic turns, followed by intermediate combinations, and finally more complex variations. Andrey begins each lesson by demonstrating the move or the entire combination of up to twelve elements to his students. Then he breaks it down into parts.

The student repeats every move slowly, without any music, and afterward practices the rhythm of the music. It’s easy to see that students easily master the dances, gain confidence, and have the time of their lives!

You’ll Be Dancing Like a Star in No Time!

We take pride in being able to teach anyone how to dance. Students learn at their own pace. Most get really good sooner than they expect. After 7 to 10 lessons, many are ready for competitions. We teach classic steps and trendy new fads.

Learning social dance is a great way to make new friends. Remain physically fit without “working out,” and discover a lifelong hobby that you’ll always be able to enjoy. Whether you’ve always wanted dance lessons and never got around to it. Or if you simply want practice and private instruction to prepare for your wedding day dance! We would love the opportunity to teach you.

Call Now About Private Ballroom Dance Lessons in Hawthorne NY

Our studio is conveniently located for residents of Westchester County NY and Rockland County NY. Contact us today!

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Remember, you don’t have to be a star to dance like one!

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