Welcome to Your Dance Journey on the Upper East Side, NYC!

Welcome to our Private Ballroom and Wedding Dance Lessons Studio. Here, you can begin an exhilarating dance journey under the expert guidance of our professional instructor, Andrey Stanev.

Why Choose Us?

Your satisfaction takes precedence at our studio. Andrey specializes in delivering STRESS-FREE dance lessons tailored to individuals of all ages, abilities, nationalities, and cultures. His teaching approach blends humor, respect, and innovative techniques, ensuring you feel at ease and gain confidence through positive encouragement.

Dance Like a Star in No Time!

Our pride lies in our ability to teach dance to anyone. Our lessons adapt to your pace, and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can excel. Learning social dance isn’t just about mastering steps; it’s an opportunity to build friendships, stay fit without traditional workouts, and uncover a lifelong passion.

Explore Our Offerings

We provide a diverse range of options:

Private Ballroom Dance Lessons: Designed to meet your needs, whether you’re a beginner or have some dance experience. You can choose to have lessons at our studio or the comfort of your own home.

Wedding Dance Preparation: Elevate your special day with a beautifully choreographed wedding dance.

Father-Daughter/ Mother-Son Dances: Share unforgettable moments and strengthen bonds through our dedicated lessons.

Dance Styles: Dive into a world of dance, from elegant waltzes to sizzling salsa.

Convenient Location

You can find our studio conveniently located at 500 East 77th Street on the Upper East Side of NYC, a neighborhood celebrated for its culture and vibrancy.

Ready to Start Your Dance Journey?

Don’t hesitate to contact us today at 212-256-1736. Let us guide you on an exciting dance journey, whether you’ve always dreamed of taking dance lessons, need to prepare for your wedding dance, or simply want to explore the world of dance.

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