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Dance Lessons for wedding are worth it because: With your big day quickly approaching, the thought of dancing in front of your wedding guests and friends may seem terrifying. Believe it or not, this is a familiar feeling with many couples before their big day. Many couples have little to zero ballroom dancing experience.

With all of the ins and outs: decorations bridesmaids, dresses, it s easy to overlook taking dance lessons for the wedding. Below, we ve compiled a list of our top five reasons why dance lessons for weddings are worth it.

Top 5 Reasons Why Dance Lessons for Wedding Are Worth It

Below are the top five reasons why dance lessons for wedding are worth it.

1. Enjoy a New Hobby Together

Being partners and learning to dance is a very similar experience to learning how to live with each other as newlyweds. It s all about understanding and communicating about responsibilities. Supporting one another as dance partners through choreographed dances. Exactly how you would in a marriage. You dance and move together to create a bond that s stronger than ever. Keeping that love and passion forever burning.

2. Your First Dance Might Be the Only Alone Time You Have on Your Wedding Day

Between family and friends, handshaking and picture taking the majority of the time may begin to make your day a big blur. Feeling like you barely have any time to spend with your new partner. While rushing to the reception from the ceremony and then to the after-party, you ll quickly realize that the first dance may be the only time during the wedding when you have one-on-one time.

First dances at weddings are one of the few opportunities where you can take the time to enjoy each other s company after such an unforgettable ceremony. Taking dance lessons for wedding is perfect because they can help you prepare for an intimate experience where, as partners, you ll place your arms around one another and enjoy the moment, not caring about anyone else in the room but each other.

3. Use it As a Date Night

In the stressful preparation for your wedding day, and with a busy lifestyle, dance lessons for wedding are an excellent time to spend with each other before the big day. Here, you ll be placed into an intimate environment with your partner with the assistance of dance professionals who guide you through dancing lessons to make it an enjoyable and seamless experience. Working with professional dance instructors will give you an idea of what kind of dances best complement your style while also teaching you dances for the future.

Dance professionals can also make suggestions that relate to your style and tempo. When life becomes busy, we understand that date nights can sometimes be put on the back burner. By taking dance lessons for wedding, you won t need to sacrifice date nights before the big day.

4. Enhances Fitness

Besides gaining confidence and making your wedding memorable by showing your family and other guests an unforgettable dance, dance lessons for wedding can enhance fitness, giving you and your partner the opportunity to work together. Dancing is one of the most engaging and powerful workouts. While many people spend their time doing workout programs and hours at the gym, you can quickly begin your workout routine by taking dance lessons with your partner.

What else do you possibly need than to have fun and get in shape with your significant other?

5. Conquer Your Fear of Dancing in Front of an Audience

Many couples have a fear of entering the dance floor during their wedding and miss out on the genuine feeling having that first dance gives you after the ceremony. Many couples are worried they ll be uncomfortable, will mess up, or that they won t look good. Taking dance lessons for wedding can eliminate the fear of dancing in front of an audience.

Dance lessons for wedding will not only give you confidence but can make you a skillful dancer, too!

Book Dance Lessons for Wedding with Ballroom Dance in NYC

Since 2004, we have had the highest-rating dance studio in NYC. Our dance studio specializes in wedding dance lessons for people of all ages. Whether you re an advanced dancer or a beginner who is overwhelmed and fearful of dancing, of wedding dance lessons will give you a deeper understanding of dancing, where you ll be sure to see progress with each lesson.

Compared to other dance studios in New York City, we provide a private environment where our instructors can focus entirely on you and your partner, giving you a practical learning experience and personalized attention. We offer a range of lessons that include salsa, waltz, and more. In addition to enhancing wedding dance lessons, our instructors also offer specially choreographed dances that are perfect for mother-son dances and father-daughter dances at weddings.

Dance Lessons for Wedding: FAQ

Dance Lessons for wedding

1. What dance should I learn for a wedding?

Some popular dances to learn for weddings are elegant dances such as the foxtrot or waltz.

2. How long does it take to learn a wedding dance routine?

When learning a wedding dance routine, any choreographed dance can take more time. To learn an entire wedding dance routine, it s typical to have approximately ten dance lessons.

3. Is two hours of dancing enough at a wedding?

It s typical to have a lot of people when making the grand exit at your wedding, but if you have a dance party that s longer than two hours, you may notice the crowd becomes smaller as time passes.

4. Should you take Dance Lessons for wedding?

Not only can taking dance lessons boost your confidence on your wedding day, but it s also a fun experience.

5. What is the most accessible dance for couples to learn?

The most accessible dance for couples to learn is the Waltz since it s just a simple box step, moving in a closed position and gliding across the floor.

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