Ballroom Dance in NYC

A black and white photo of a couple dancing

Wedding Dance Lessons are and historically have been a big part of any wedding. Currently, there are many weddings that have been postponed due to COVID. The industry is seeing a major influx of clients calling to get their wedding dance done! Here at a Ballroom Dance in NYC, we have been teaching wedding couples for more than 20 years! The phone is constantly ringing with clients asking for help as their wedding is this Weekend. No one can help you by teaching you a skill in 1 lesson. If someone promises you this is clearly misleading! The good time to call to get your First Dance done is more than six months in advance. When you are a week away it is not realistic to think that someone can help you. It all depends on how simple or complicated your dance you want to be. When getting ready for your wedding dance lessons it is important to ask your teacher to show you little bit of Swing and Hustle as this will most likely dominate the time of music that is going to be played at your wedding. We recommend from experience between 5 and 10 Dance Lessons to get ready.  Please don’t wait until the last moment and call your local dance studio to learn how to dance at least six months in advance. If you are based in NYC we are here to help. 212–256–1736 call for a free consultation today.


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